2018:         Taut Fibre commissioned by Heart of Glass, in partnership with St Helens                                     Libraries and Homotopia, Moss Bank Library, St Helens, UK

                       UR-TOPIA, online, Instagram

                       Dream of the Dead, Hear from the Living, Domino Gallery, Liverpool, UK


2020:         Queer(ing) Space, Deptford Does Art, Deptford, London, UK

                      More T’North, The Harris, Preston, UK

                      HAGRIDDEN as part of SHUFFLE02, Northern Lights, Liverpool, UK

                      Borders, what’s up with that?  Romantso Gallery, Athens, Greece

2019:         Apocqueerlypse for SXRVXVE, DreamBags JaguarShoes, London, UK

                      Temporary Contemporary in partnership with Kirklees Council and the School                           of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of  Huddersfield, UK

                      Queer as I, HERE Art Center, New York City, USA

                      Queer Ways of Being, 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield, UK

2018:        Small Steps- LGBTQ+ Celebration, Make., Liverpool, UK,curator and artist

                     Small Steps- Mental Health Awareness, Make., Liverpool, UK

                     Colour My World for Brighton Pride, SEAS/BMECP, Brighton, UK

                     Button It, CraftLocker, Elland, UK

                                           Platform, St Helens, UK

2017:       Tales from the city, Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK                                                                            (piece now in permanent collection)

                    O.K. The Musical, Tate Liverpool, UK, contributing artist

                    LightNight, Zuhause, Liverpool , UK

2012:      Skeive Filmer: Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Oslo, Norway

2012:      DIV.A (Diversity in Animation), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2011:     Off with Their Heads, Islington Mill, UK

2010:     IRIS, International animation festival of sexual diversity, Sao Paulo &                                                     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2009-2016CHEW DISCO, Liverpool and Manchester, UK


2019:  thatwa.y, online  @

2018:  Taut Fibre, Take Over Festival, commissioned by Heart of Glass in partnership with St Helens Libraries and Homotopia.                  

low_res_camera_roll , online @

Dream of the Dead, Hear from the Living, Liverpool University Centre for Archives, Liverpool.

PRESS interview,

Bear Lee Zine Issue 02 interview

#bookdraw interview by Oly Bliss

MASCULAR Magazine Spring 2018 feature, pages 74-84

BBC Radio Merseyside interview and feature (1:05:00), 2018

Interview and blog post, Off the Record, e-magazine of ARA, Archives and Records Association, 2018

Art in Liverpool feature, 2018                                                                      

Balaclava.Q feature, Tactic 3: Abstract Activism, 2018

Video interview for You Are Here– a pop-up museum of LGBTQ+ history, Tate Liverpool, 2016

“Five Great Ethereal British Artists’article featured my animation, BBC America,  2011

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